One of the most exciting AND surprising things about the campaign trail is learning how much San Antonio voters have in common.  Republican and Democrat, young and old, Men and Women, seem to all share the same concerns, hopes, and headaches.  We all worry for our families, we struggle to pay bills, and we tire of typical lawyers and politicians putting their careers before our interests.  Politicization helps no-one and only exposes the source, the politician, as a hack: someone who works only for their party interests regardless of whom it harms.

I was reminded of this once again today when a Democrat voter shared with me Joaquin Castro’s latest attempt to politicize a tragedy.  Like he did while victims were bleeding in an El Paso parking lot one year ago, this favorite politician of California donors treated the blood of Texans as an opportunity to push an agenda and score political points.  This time, however, those Texans were our San Antonio Neighbors. 

To be fair, there is certainly a time and place to discuss crime and tragedy and how public policy can prevent harm, but that time is not while people are still bleeding and families are unsure of their loved-one’s survival.  Let me be clear and let me be blunt:  Joaquin Castro’s repeated politicization of the lives of my neighbors is wrong.  It is inappropriate.  It is unacceptable and it will not be tolerated.  Not by Republicans and not by Democrats. 

Not by Texans of any background.

We here in San Antonio are united in the belief that all lives are special, all lives are valuable and NO lives are political fodder to push Joaquin Castro’s partisan agenda.  The utter hypocrisy of a lawyer and politician invoking fear of a shooting only days after leading protests against the same police responding to that shooting is infuriating, particularly to those citizens who prayed for the flashing lights of those first responders, the heroes who risk their lives daily for our safety.

It’s time for a change.  I’ve pledged to be a part of that change and I expect my neighbors and friends to hold me to that pledge.  Will you join me and hold me to my promise to change the culture in politics? What can we do together for change?