My friends, I must tell you that today my heart is filled with joy, inspiration, and much needed relief. After three and a half years of petty attacks, partisan bickering and pure venom coming from the dirty politicians in Washington, we were treated last night to an evening of life, encouragement, and hope for peace. Regardless of your political persuasion, I sincerely hope that you were able to catch last night’s Republican National Convention speeches. The positive tone of the evening is EXACTLY what I’ve been calling for in my promise to change the tone in Washington.

Each and every speaker spoke of their vision for a greater future, outlining the differences between them and the opposing party without the personal attacks, accusations, and needless drama that we have become accustomed to in recent years. I was so proud to see the President embrace and welcome immigrants as they achieved their dream of becoming American citizens! I shared the world’s emotion as he celebrated the reformed life of Ex-con James Ponder as he surprised him with a Presidential pardon and I leapt with Joy as our graceful and brilliant First-Lady called for all Americans to help end the cycle of addiction among our families, friends, and neighbors.

Beauty and Grace!

I believe most of you will agree, it was not a night for dry eyes, at least for those who have no issues putting their heart before their partisan loyalties. As usual, there will be many of the same typical politicians who chose to dissect every syllable for opportunities to demonize and create talking points. My opponent here in District 20, Joaquin Castro, was certainly one of the first. I believe, however, that the people of Texas want, even strive, to be positive. We wish to look forward and focus on solutions to help the people of San Antonio. We seek the best for our fellow Texans, regardless of race, identity, or political party.

The people of San Antonio want to follow our First Lady’s example, looking at each others scars to recognize and praise the struggle that brought about their healing. We celebrate these things because, as Melania said, they make us different, they make us unique, and they make us special. These things encourage all of us to become better and to, in her words, Be Best!