Today I have the privilege of putting up my first sign with these two proud Veterans!  I’m very thankful for the San Antonio Police Officers Association endorsement and even more excited to add their emblem to our campaign advertisements! 

Receiving this endorsement from SAPOA is especially valuable to me because my opponent, Joaquin Castro, is militantly anti-police and continues to lead public protests against our brave Men and Women in uniform. Castro believes that we should de-fund the police and he doesn’t appreciate the sacrifices they make every day. HE wants to take away the resources that keep our families safe!

My opponent’s allegiance lies with the socialistic, anti-freedom politicians in New York and California!  We need to let Castro know that he can’t make Texas into another California! We need to prove to him that we still believe in the faith, freedom, and the prosperity that our Nation has to offer us! 

This sign with the SAPOA endorsement is a symbol of what our District stands for: protection of our families, our homes, and our hard work! Let’s stress that public safety must remain #1! Joaquin Castro cannot take that away.. I will not let him!