While anarchists, extreme leftists, and (quite frankly) spoiled children focus day-and-night on defaming, demeaning and de-funding our brave men and women in uniform, we must recognize that these professionals need our support now more than ever.  They are our sons, our daughters and our guardians, sworn and dedicated to defend our lives, liberty and legacies.  While vandals and rioters spit and scream profanities, these heroes stand in line.

Joaquin Castro openly brags of his efforts to enable these uprisings against law and order, even leading protests and tantrums for these fringe activists.  His teenage behavior makes me even more proud to receive and accept the endorsement of the San Antonio Police Officers Association!  Thank you SAPOA!

The citizens of our great city are sick and tired of this disrespect and disdain aimed at our Men and Women in Blue.  I am proud to join them as we stand and show our unified support for our officers.  They are our heroes.  They are our family.  They are us!