Wow!  I could never have imagined the great experiences I would have on the campaign trail running for US Congress.  The City of San Antonio is so diverse, so eclectic, and so full of life.  And the people!  What great people!  Even during the challenge of the Coronavirus pandemic, my new San Antonio friends are eager to share with me their thoughts, hopes, and concerns.  I am so thankful and proud to speak and meet with these folks, my fellow Texans. 

Politically, we may identify ourselves as Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Independents, but regardless of party, we share so many of the same values: Texas Values.  We practice our Faith.  We love our families.  And we treasure our precious freedoms.  We are a very traditional people, a very conservative people, Republican and Democrat alike.  I’ve spoken to so many lifelong Democrats, people who voted for John F Kennedy and Henry B Gonzales and I’ve listened to how they feel.  On so many issues I’ve felt the same way and the refreshing thing I have found is that most of these wonderful people are more Conservative than many of my Republican friends.

These Henry B Democrats remember a time when they had true representation.  They remember a time before partisan bickering and petty politicization.  They remember a leader who would embrace and welcome you regardless of your party or your donation status.  They remember leaders who listened.  One thing that every Democrat and Republican voter believes is this:  it is time that we talked again.  All of us!

I could not agree more!  I’m happy to end the partisan bickering.  I’m happy to end the politicization.  I’m proud to embrace and welcome everybody.  I am ready to listen and I am proud to be the Candidate of Choice for the Henry B Democrats of District 20!